When a Dream Became a Reality…

Thymeless Flowers started as an idea when, our owner, Shar Allen’s love of gardening turned into a passion for floral design. She started attending design workshops where she left feeling inspired and began dreaming of opening her own shop. Her idea took off, when on occasion, she was asked by friends to design their wedding flowers or corsages for special events.  After designing a few weddings, she started looking at how to turn her idea of a floral shop into reality. Shar began looking for wholesale suppliers in the Twin Cities that would work with small floral business, where she found two.  She then purchased a flower cooler and set up a design studio in her home; designing wedding flowers on a part time basis officially establishing Thymeless Flowers in 2007. Over the years, Shar wanted to expand her business and looked to open her own flower boutique in town. In 2015, she opened a full service floral boutique in St. Charles, MN–Thymeless Flowers, where her idea had finally become a reality.

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